︎ Echo Wild  Inc 501(c)3

Architectural Anthropology / Restoration 
Studying Homes Circa 1934
with an emphasis on Landscape Architecture

+ Soil Research 
run in conjunction with a Land Trust Conservancy
preserving the OPEN SPACES of Elysian Park
for the wild life and future generations

Current Projects
Redwood Reforesting
Mariam Harlow Grove

Cyanescean Patch for the Bees
Langstome Bee Boxes for 2400 Valley View

Langstome Bee Boxes for 1410 Ewing
Langstome Bee Boxes for 1968 Avon St
Black Rose Island
Black Bamboo Moat
Black Lilly Patch
Landscaping Landacre
Australias Feild
Lavender Feild
Mugwart Feild
Kalidescope Carrot Feild
Mircro Greens Garden
Japanese Garden
California Native Garden with Japanese walking stroll style
Zen Rock Garden
Natural Areas Disturbed Terrain Habitat
Weather Station
Research Fusarium Wilt and Attemps to cure the soil of the fungus
  Operation Jade Removal
No more Concrete
Goji Berry Tree Orchard
Ewing Street Olive Orchard
Making Olive Oil
Finding a natural spring on Morton Street
Protecting Fellowship Park
Protecting Kite Hill
Pomegranate Orchard
Lemon Lime Mapping
Lemon Lime Harvesting
Grafting 41 types of trees into one tree.
The Little Produce Stand at 1968 Avon carport.
Historical Overlay Zone Reports 
for Survey LA on Elysian Heights Elysian Valley Elsian View  and Fellowship Heights Tract.
Return to Nature Map Opens Spaces Plain Air Painting with google maps

historic overlay map painting Japanese flat map painting fellowship height to Elysian View Track in Elysian Heights Neighboor Hood.
Interactive 3D maping of Fellowship Park stairs and historic properties 
interactuve map of all trees in botanical garden of elysian park
grace simmons lodge japanese garden project
native plant maping of eleysian park trail. Vertical Garden 1968 walls and windows green roof 1968 passive solar chinese influenced greenhouse 1968 avon 
2020 elysian park love in.

1404 Ewing 
1410 Ewing
1968  Avon
2311 Fellowship Park
2300 Lakeshore
2301  Lakeshore
2303 Lakeshore
1849 Cerro Gordo
2400 Valley View
2421 Valley Vew
1831 Cerro Gordo
2260  Lake shore
2031 Park Dr
1855 Park Dr

Under the umbrella of the
Harwell Hamilton Harris
Fellowship Parkway   Conservancy