about us

An Elysian Ecological Botanical Research working to preserve and protect the Open Spaces of Echo Park and Los Angeles. Our goal is to harbor wildlife habitat in our backyards bringing nature closer to homes, to conserve the remaining Open Spaces in our neighborhood and restore Natural Disturbed Terrain areas of Elysian Park and Fellowship Park. Through experimental plant research and pollinator observation of habitats, we can integrate wildlife into the urban city landscape.

current studies and proposed projects
Listening to electrical communication of plants through Synthesis with Moog
A stroll garden of California Wildflower
Gardening as Conceptual Art
Harwell Hamilton Harris and Jean Marie Bangs are the forgotten history of Modernist Architecture
Chain of title, foreclosure, and securitization of American homes.
1800s Japanese residential architecture is the pinnacle of residential design.
Five elements of adverse possesion and its relevance in a landscape of vacant homes by mortgage fraud.
Hummingbirds are valient so do not feed them preservatives. Boycott Perky Pets hummingbird food.
Mushroom plug spawn assists the development of waterways by mycelium in Elysian Park.
The personal is political
The woman is as printer, anthropomorph of Internet, Trojan Horse to the System.
Look into the eyes of the Animal is the soul of man. 

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