A Chronology of events
In Pro Per: In Pauperis

A Chronological documentation of an Adverse Possession attempt to gain ownership of an abandoned house to establish a Conservation Easement of the surrounding land and cultivate an experimental garden within the easement.. Encounters with the police, understanding and asserting your rights, urging this is a civil matter when the Church of Scientology attempts to steal the title through acts of real property fraud. Diving into Real Property Law and unveiling the wider injustic that is the mortgage and lending business perpetuated by the big banks, badges of fraud, corruption and false claims to construct a “public health and safety risk” to manufacture an eviction during the Emergency Order and global economic shutdown to slow the viral spread of the novel Coronavirus in the wake of a pandemic, internal corruption within the City Departments of Los Angeles, deleting records and construction permit history. Adverse Possession, as an Environmental Critique and the Real Housing Crisis of Los Angeles. Further findings of the Sleepy Lagoon Zoot Suit Trials, the assault on Latin homeowners in the name of public safety Gang Injunction,.
Gardening as Conceptual Art  from the publishers of “the Woman is as Printer as Anthromorph of the Internet, a Trojan Horse to the System”, and “Banned Mythopoetic Anthropomorph”, and singer/songwriter founding member of Seahorse Liberation Army, Erik Seidenglanz, and on bass Elishba Iturra Seidenglanz .

We are research and devolopment and we present you the facts for to stay silent, in the face of injustice, is the biggest crime of all.


Walking up the hill, we noticed a walkway through the bushes. The ivy trellis was collapsing into the passage. There was no gate. I didn’t even know there was a house behind the overgrown jade and ivy. Walking through the portal, a long flight of concrete steps and an old oraamge hhouse at the base of the steps. Didn’t know if anyone lived there. Seemed a little bit deserted but couldn’t be sure. We left not wanting to trespass if someone was home. Very neat how the garden encloses the house with lots of privacy. We check the title history of the house, and it is confusing. We don’t know anything about real property at this point in time, but we could tell it was out of the ordinary. When compared to any randomly selected house, there are 2-3 transactions, sometimes with a mortgage, sometimes with just.a Grant Deed sale, and sometimes with a Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale, a foreclosure, but hardly ever do we see so many foreclosures on one house, a Notice of Withdrawl fom the Rental Market wherein a prior owner has invoked the Ellis Act. Walking down and around the street,, the signifiers of an abandoned house suddenly are apparent. Curtains drawn tight to the windows; peeling exterior paint; overflow mail in the mailbox; old cobwebs, untamed lawns and grasses; At rhe base of the hill was another smaller, concrete block structure with all the windows boarded up, brooken concrete staircase that read Villa Deberoah, and a big graffiti face on the front.

The house had no locks, in fact it had no doorknobs. It felt spooky,

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