"You see, art is practiced here along with various other concerns -
pruning trees, repairing the roof, watching and feeding wildlife and so
on. Of course, other artists live on wooded hillsides, too, and so do
other people, and it must be conceded that to some of us this kind of
environment is not only valuable, but absolutely necessary - a degree of
seclusion, the life of growing things, awareness that we are a part of

We are under attack your help is expressly requested. If you live in 90026, 90039 or go to the elysian park for walks or to think then we are your talking directly to you, and we are here to preserve this Los Angeles Angeles Historic Wonder.  For years now restored peice by piece a long forgotten overgrown artifact of red hill past. We are the Echo Wild, the Middle Elsysian, The Harwell Hamilton Harris Fellowship Parkway Conservancy, we sometime are mistaken for kite hill as we have many signs and letters and sometime can be seen flying a stunt kite from the abandon ruins the are becoming the Experimental Elysian Park Japanese Gardens. We do more than plant things, we enfuse plants with mycelium and audio and create ecosystem, we recolonized a salamander habatit, found a monkey in our trees, housed a bobcat to rest. established the exact nessisary requiremnts for a FEN became a recognised wildlife habitat santurary. Became a Conservation Easment. Habitated 4  Barn Owls, a falcon and Crow befreinded , Served the Red Tailed hawk. Created a Poppy feild like Antalop Valley, Collaborated in a Test plot to define what will grow with less water, Created a speciefic fungus mycelium to create a natural watering system for the entirety of elysian park, worked with Suntory of Japan to bring you the Senetti flower , 17000 sq feet of them blooming, Planted and revuvientaed a olive grove to make olive oil for ewing st. Created a MacroBiotic teach in. Shut down Ewing St to become a parklet, ended the exssive car pressure on our hills, and Added much needed Streetlighting with the help of the city. Soon to Add the historic lights that many have come to know in places like Angelno Heights.