Harris, Harwell H. and Bangs, Jean Murray House 1934
Fellowship Park House , Los Angeles, CA  2311 Fellowship Parkway 90039
Harwell Hamilton Harris, Jean Bangs, Carl Anderson & Gregory Ains

The Fellowship Park House was one of the most photographed houses of the 1930s, striking for its economy, openness and strong Japanese character; it cost approximately $3.50 per square foot, a low figure even by Depression-era, 1935 standards; Harris laid the floorplan out on a 3-foot square module. (The traditional dimensions of Japanese tatami mats was 3 shoku by 6 shoku, roughly 3' x 6', probably a guiding principle for Harris's modular measurement.)

Harris Armstrong's Weekend Cottage in the Ozarks, (Architectural Forum, 08/1949, 91:2, p. 76-77), owes a great deal to Harris's earlier house; additionally, photographic representations of the Armstrong House paralleled those of the Harris House; the Harris House occupied a small, very hilly piece of property; the steep topography made the lot affordable to the young couple.

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