Harwell Hamilton Harris and Fellowship Park House, 2311 Fellowship Park Way.
With the exception of his mentor, Richard Neutra's 1929 Lovell Health House, never has a singular project advanced a career as much as Harwell Hamilton Harris's and Jean Murray Bangs's award-winning 1937 Fellowship Park House (see below). On a fame and cost per sq. ft. basis the 500 sq. ft., $430 (for Phase I) Fellowship Park House exceeded by any measure of comparison with the over the ten times larger 4,800 sq. ft., $60,000 Lovell Health House. (Author's note: In fact Neutra paid Harris $500 (more than the construction cost of the initial phase of Fellowship Park) just to build a model of the Lovell Health House for the 1932 International Style Architecture exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

        Neutra's career-making Lovell Health House "Foundations of Los Angeles Modernism: Richard Neutra's Mod Squad."