The experimental gardens, is a conservation to collect a variety of plants and animals necessary in the preservation of the magic of old tibet, Catalonia, Atlantis, a gate way to fillory or shalambala. Once one of the greatest magicians of all time. He Vowed never to use magic again. Attaining that status at a young age. Magician Erik Seidenglanz was 14 at his pinical of public performance. One day Trinni Peller of the magician duo met young erik and asked him to come over to her house. his mother took him to see her, She was convinced he was extra ordinary. Her husband had passed but she guarded a history of magic as long as time. She qualified the young erik and then told him this was all his now. That he must take it all and protect it and, with that he was  now the key holder to a library of magic larger than any one person has had in about 300 years. Soon after the young boy took to self taught artful dogerery and street magic. This led to being accepted after his first audition to the Magic Castle as the youngest magician to ever be accepted to the magic castle on franklin ave in Hollywood. Young Copperfeild used to hold the title of youngest magician but now Erik Christopher Seidenglanz. Self taught on the street the only student of Gregory Wilson, also a student of Diana Zimmerman and the late daryl. Misdirection was his strongest powers for most of his nature was natural to him. Moxie was his second Skill said Greorgry Wilson. Even as young as 9 years old he was performing magic along side Doc Eason in John Devers Bar in Colorado. He Performed for presidents and princes and unsuspectingly everyone he came in contact with. Only one day he vowed to never use magic again, until 10 years later he Met a wizard, Named Benjeriman Broad. His Magic was real. The two became close friends but erik just sat in his workshop for months with out talking. Benjeriman would leave for months at a time to retrace his steps through tibet and Iraq and china and myimar only returning when he was sick or needed to  run the workshop. They researched the eternal youth of travel and fountain of youth in the age of disappearance.  Making machines that would transcend class and time they established a following of devout individuals. The called their new tribe of wondering magician the Treats of the Loin. Later The Parted ways about 8 or  9 years it may have been a whole life time. Now Erik is Arika after his Lost years working for Anam Tubtum of the Tibetan Rimposhe at ATPlumbing a Secret Tibetan Scroll laundering and transcription organization. This is where the experimental gardens begins. Help Defend the Open Spaces for your children’s future depends on it. The Occupants of 1968 avon and 1958 avon are trying to sub-develop AND SUB-DIVIDE, AS STATED IN THE CONSTRUCTION MONITOR ; your neighborhood 6 units per lot and they are the heads of the church of scientology. Help us destroy the evil that has taken hold on Ewing St. the Resourceful Construction, Richard Judson Williams and Cheney Shapiro and ken Shapiro must be sent to jail for Mortgage fraud and Human Labor Trafficking and Money Laundering and Pure Greed and Evil that is their demented reality of slave labor and illegal contracting combined with false appraisal and 1031 tax deferred property flipping and TIC swapping to drive your taxes out of the affordable and into the engenterafied. Save Elysian Park, band together and drive 1958 and 1968 avon out. If we do it together their evil will not be tolerated. We have court on June 2 2020 call 3235223607 to join us we will give you the call in access if you contact us prior. or Just Come to our house and support the 830 am court appearance on our Live Video Conference. We have a voice together that we can use to Shut Scientology out of the Echo Park Grips of Their unjust enrichment. Their property was acquired by multiple loan frauds all with the same loan number and hiding assetts while claiming bankruptcy and all the while taking a 100,000 in PPP loans, and thats just Resourcefull Construction. Cheney Shaprio 401k is hiding 2.5 million in stolen assetts and they currently are being persued by the DOJ the FBI the IRS THE FTB the SEC. Do you want ken Shapiro and silverwood properties on your block. Did you know their Lender Lantzman Investment and LMF2 lp Willingly gives them endless amount of money even though it belongs to shareholders in public funded pool. And that they never get real title insurance, it’s always a scam to the worst possible degree. This is so even here. Where they are really using 1958 avon as a place to illegally dump construction materials into the land and mulch from other job sites where they cut down protected trees and leave construction dust and concert mess every where. Here they have brought in pile drivers and then gotten a pool permit to dig a hole with out contacting the boe and or the planning dept and have then filled in the hillside of avon at Ewing with all there junk behind that basketball hoop and then buried it with with more dirt from else where . its not backfilling its illegal dumping with many dump trucks day in and day out. for two years they have been doing the same thing to this hillside and the shame of it is. they then stole my home and used it for 295,000 + 505,000 + 720,000 ,+ 1,000,000 in new loans to do what next, steal your house. The plan is for them most likely is to try and subdivide Ewing in 36 new homes on the hill with the subdivision map act.  STOP THESE EVIL PEOPLE, or the magic of EWING STREET will no longer be a wild place.