The first judge in Los Angeles to be embedded with the church of Scientology in major mortgage fraud rico violations and is a named doe in a current case against Resourceful Construction / Silverwood Properties sub divider and property developer who’s primary properties of first choice are sub par distressed housing of multi unit buldings on hillsides near schools with a 500 hundred foot or less boundary. Engaging in illegal conversion of these properties either by ignoring ellis act rules or HDCILA RSO ordiance and with a 26 person team of complicit fraudsters from the law team to the permit filer, this judge is the shill in the magic act of KEN SHAPIRO, CHENEY SHAPIRO and BINKY SHAPIRO of The band the STROKES and LITTLE JOY. 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List of African-American federal judgesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchThis is a list of African Americans who have served as United States federal judges. As of December 22, 2020, there have been 229 African-Americans to have served on the federal bench.
United States Supreme Court[edit]
Reason for
Appointed by
1Thurgood Marshall10NYAugust 30, 1967October 1, 1991retirementJohnson
2Clarence Thomas10GAOctober 23, 1991IncumbentG.H.W. Bush
United States Courts of Appeals[edit]
#JudgeCircuitStateBegan active
Ended active
Ended senior
Reason for
Appointed by
1William H. HastieThirdVIOctober 21, 1949May 31, 1971April 14, 1976deathTruman
2Thurgood MarshallSecondNYOctober 5, 1961August 23, 1965appointed Solicitor GeneralKennedy
3Wade H. McCreeSixthMISeptember 7, 1966March 28, 1977appointed Solicitor GeneralJohnson
4Spottswood W. Robinson IIID.C.DCNovember 3, 1966September 1, 1989October 11, 1998deathJohnson
5A. Leon Higginbotham Jr.ThirdPAOctober 11, 1977January 31, 1991March 5, 1993retirementCarter
6Damon KeithSixthMIOctober 21, 1977May 1, 1995April 28, 2019deathCarter
7Theodore McMillianEighthMOSeptember 23, 1978July 1, 2003January 18, 2006deathCarter
8Amalya Lyle KearseSecondNYJune 21, 1979June 11, 2002IncumbentCarter
9Joseph W. HatchettFifthFLJuly 13, 1979October 1, 1981reassigned to Eleventh Cir.Carter
EleventhOctober 1, 1981May 14, 1999resignation
10J. Jerome FarrisNinthWASeptember 27, 1979March 4, 1995July 23, 2020deathCarter
11Nathaniel R. JonesSixthOHOctober 5, 1979May 13, 1995March 30, 2002retirementCarter
12Cecil F. PooleNinthCANovember 27, 1979January 15, 1996November 12, 1997deathCarter
13Harry T. EdwardsD.C.DCFebruary 20, 1980November 3, 2005IncumbentCarter
14Lawrence W. PierceSecondNYNovember 18, 1981January 1, 1990March 31, 1995retirementReagan
15Clarence ThomasD.C.DCMarch 12, 1990October 23, 1991elevation to Supreme CourtG.H.W. Bush
16Timothy K. LewisThirdPAOctober 9, 1992June 30, 1999resignationG.H.W. Bush
17Judith W. RogersD.C.DCMarch 11, 1994IncumbentClinton
18Carl E. StewartFifthLAMay 9, 1994IncumbentClinton
19Theodore McKeeThirdPAJune 9, 1994IncumbentClinton
20R. Guy Cole Jr.SixthOHDecember 26, 1995IncumbentClinton
21Eric L. ClaySixthMIAugust 1, 1997IncumbentClinton
22Charles R. WilsonEleventhFLAugust 9, 1999IncumbentClinton
23Ann Claire WilliamsSeventhILNovember 15, 1999June 5, 2017January 16, 2018retirementClinton
24Johnnie B. RawlinsonNinthNVJuly 26, 2000IncumbentClinton
25Roger GregoryFourthVADecember 27, 2000IncumbentClinton
G.W. Bush[Note 1]
26Barrington D. Parker Jr.SecondNYOctober 16, 2001October 10, 2009IncumbentG.W. Bush
27Lavenski SmithEighthARJuly 19, 2002IncumbentG.W. Bush
28Allyson Kay DuncanFourthNCAugust 15, 2003March 21, 2019July 31, 2019retirementG.W. Bush
29Janice Rogers BrownD.C.DCJune 10, 2005August 31, 2017resignationG.W. Bush
30Jerome HolmesTenthOKAugust 9, 2006IncumbentG.W. Bush
31Andre M. DavisFourthMDNovember 10, 2009February 28, 2014August 31, 2017retirementObama
32Joseph A. Greenaway Jr.ThirdNJFebruary 12, 2010IncumbentObama
33O. Rogeriee ThompsonFirstRIMarch 30, 2010IncumbentObama
34James A. Wynn Jr.FourthNCAugust 10, 2010IncumbentObama
35Raymond LohierSecondNYDecember 20, 2010IncumbentObama
36James E. Graves Jr.FifthMSFebruary 15, 2011IncumbentObama
37Bernice B. DonaldSixthTNSeptember 8, 2011IncumbentObama
38Paul J. WatfordNinthCAMay 22, 2012IncumbentObama
39Robert L. WilkinsD.C.DCJanuary 15, 2014IncumbentObama
40Ketanji Brown JacksonD.C.DCJune 17, 2021IncumbentBiden
  1. ^ Recess appointment by Bill Clinton, re-appointed by George W. Bush after being confirmed by the United States Senate at a later date.
United States District Courts[edit]
#JudgeDistrictBegan active
Ended active
Ended senior
Reason for
Appointed by
1James Benton ParsonsN.D. Ill.August 30, 1961August 30, 1981June 19, 1993deathKennedy
2Wade H. McCreeE.D. Mich.September 29, 1961September 13, 1966elevation to Sixth CircuitKennedy
3Spottswood W. Robinson IIID.D.C.January 6, 1964November 8, 1966elevation to D.C. CircuitJohnson
4A. Leon Higginbotham Jr.E.D. Pa.March 17, 1964November 7, 1977elevation to Third CircuitJohnson
5William B. BryantD.D.C.August 11, 1965January 31, 1982November 13, 2005deathJohnson
6Constance Baker MotleyS.D.N.Y.August 30, 1966September 26, 1986September 28, 2005deathJohnson
7Aubrey E. Robinson Jr.D.D.C.November 3, 1966March 1, 1992February 27, 2000deathJohnson
8Joseph Cornelius WaddyD.D.C.March 4, 1967August 1, 1978deathJohnson
9Damon KeithE.D. Mich.October 12, 1967November 22, 1977elevation to Sixth CircuitJohnson
10David W. WilliamsC.D. Cal.June 20, 1969January 17, 1981May 6, 2000deathNixon
11Barrington D. ParkerD.D.C.December 19, 1969December 19, 1985June 2, 1993deathNixon
12Lawrence W. PierceS.D.N.Y.May 20, 1971November 30, 1981elevation to Second CircuitNixon
13Clifford Scott GreenE.D. Pa.December 9, 1971April 2, 1988May 31, 2007deathNixon
14Robert L. CarterS.D.N.Y.July 25, 1972December 31, 1986January 3, 2012deathNixon
15Robert Morton DuncanS.D. OhioJune 20, 1974April 15, 1985resignationNixon
16Henry BramwellE.D.N.Y.December 26, 1974October 1, 1987May 28, 2010deathFord
17George N. LeightonN.D. Ill.February 4, 1976February 27, 1986December 1, 1987retirementFord
18Cecil F. PooleN.D. Cal.July 23, 1976March 31, 1980elevation to Ninth CircuitFord
19Paul Allen SimmonsW.D. Pa.April 7, 1978June 1, 1990October 9, 2014deathCarter
20Robert Frederick CollinsE.D. La.May 19, 1978August 6, 1993resignationCarter
21Jack Edward TannerE.D. Wash.May 19, 1978November 8, 1978seat abolishedCarter
W.D. Wash.January 28, 1991January 10, 2006death
22Mary Johnson LoweS.D.N.Y.June 27, 1978July 27, 1991February 27, 1999deathCarter
23Julian Abele Cook Jr.E.D. Mich.September 23, 1978December 30, 1996May 16, 2017deathCarter
24David Sutherland NelsonD. Mass.March 23, 1979September 27, 1991October 21, 1998deathCarter
25John Garrett PennD.D.C.March 23, 1979March 31, 1998September 9, 2007deathCarter
26Gabrielle Kirk McDonaldS.D. Tex.May 11, 1979August 14, 1988resignationCarter
27Matthew J. PerryD.S.C.September 20, 1979October 1, 1995July 29, 2011deathCarter
28Benjamin F. GibsonW.D. Mich.September 26, 1979July 13, 1996January 31, 1999retirementCarter
29Joseph C. Howard Sr.D. Md.October 5, 1979November 15, 1991September 16, 2000deathCarter
30Alcee HastingsS.D. Fla.November 2, 1979October 20, 1989impeachment and removalCarter
31Anna Diggs TaylorE.D. Mich.November 2, 1979December 31, 1998November 4, 2017deathCarter
32Anne Elise ThompsonD.N.J.November 2, 1979June 1, 2001IncumbentCarter
33James T. GilesE.D. Pa.November 27, 1979February 11, 2008October 3, 2008retirementCarter
34Horace WardN.D. Ga.December 6, 1979December 31, 1993April 23, 2016deathCarter
35Terry J. Hatter Jr.C.D. Cal.December 20, 1979April 22, 2005IncumbentCarter
36Odell HortonW.D. Tenn.May 12, 1980May 16, 1995February 22, 2006deathCarter
37Norma Holloway JohnsonD.D.C.May 12, 1980June 18, 2001December 31, 2003retirementCarter
38Clyde S. Cahill Jr.E.D. Mo.May 23, 1980April 9, 1992August 18, 2004deathCarter
39George Washington WhiteN.D. OhioMay 23, 1980February 26, 1999November 12, 2011deathCarter
40U. W. ClemonN.D. Ala.June 30, 1980January 31, 2009resignationCarter
41Thelton HendersonN.D. Cal.June 30, 1980November 28, 1998IncumbentCarter
42Earl Ben GilliamS.D. Cal.August 20, 1980April 2, 1993January 28, 2001deathCarter
43Myron Herbert ThompsonM.D. Ala.September 29, 1980August 22, 2013IncumbentCarter
44Richard ErwinM.D.N.C.September 30, 1980September 22, 1992November 7, 2006deathCarter
45George Howard Jr.E.D. Ark.September 30, 1980April 21, 2007deathCarter
W.D. Ark.December 1, 1990seat abolished
46Consuelo Bland MarshallC.D. Cal.September 30, 1980October 24, 2005IncumbentCarter
47John R. Hargrove Sr.D. Md.February 10, 1984February 21, 1994April 1, 1997deathReagan
48Ann Claire WilliamsN.D. Ill.April 4, 1985November 7, 1999elevation to Seventh CircuitReagan
49Henry Travillion WingateS.D. Miss.October 17, 1985IncumbentReagan
50James R. SpencerE.D. Va.October 14, 1986March 25, 2014June 2, 2017retirementReagan
51Kenneth M. HoytS.D. Tex.April 1, 1988March 2, 2013IncumbentReagan
52Herbert J. HuttonE.D. Pa.August 12, 1988September 6, 2003April 8, 2007deathReagan
53James WareN.D. Cal.October 1, 1990August 31, 2012resignationG. H. W. Bush
54Saundra Brown ArmstrongN.D. Cal.June 18, 1991March 23, 2012IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
55Timothy K. LewisW.D. Pa.June 18, 1991October 23, 1992elevation to Third CircuitG. H. W. Bush
56Sterling Johnson Jr.E.D.N.Y.July 2, 1991June 1, 2003IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
57Fernando J. Gaitan Jr.W.D. Mo.August 2, 1991June 3, 2014IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
58Donald L. GrahamS.D. Fla.September 16, 1991December 15, 2013IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
59Joe Billy McDadeC.D. Ill.November 25, 1991February 28, 2010IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
60Garland E. Burrell Jr.E.D. Cal.March 2, 1992July 4, 2012IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
61J. Curtis JoynerE.D. Pa.April 13, 1992May 1, 2013IncumbentG. H. W. Bush
62Carol E. JacksonE.D. Mo.August 17, 1992August 31, 2017resignationG. H. W. Bush
63Wilkie D. FergusonS.D. Fla.November 22, 1993June 9, 2003deathClinton
64Raymond Alvin JacksonE.D. Va.November 22, 1993IncumbentClinton
65Charles Alexander ShawE.D. Mo.November 22, 1993December 31, 2009April 12, 2020deathClinton
66Henry Lee Adams Jr.M.D. Fla.November 24, 1993April 8, 2010IncumbentClinton
67Gary L. LancasterW.D. Pa.November 24, 1993April 13, 2013deathClinton
68Reginald C. LindsayD. Mass.November 24, 1993March 12, 2009deathClinton
69Frank BurgessW.D. Wash.March 28, 1994March 9, 2005March 26, 2010deathClinton
70Michael J. DavisD. Minn.March 28, 1994August 1, 2015IncumbentClinton
71Ancer L. HaggertyD. Ore.March 28, 1994August 26, 2009IncumbentClinton
72Deborah BattsS.D.N.Y.May 9, 1994April 13, 2012February 3, 2020deathClinton
73Audrey B. CollinsC.D. Cal.May 9, 1994August 1, 2014resignationClinton
74Clarence CooperN.D. Ga.May 9, 1994February 9, 2009IncumbentClinton
75Solomon Oliver Jr.N.D. OhioMay 9, 1994February 15, 2021IncumbentClinton
76Willie Louis SandsM.D. Ga.May 9, 1994April 12, 2014IncumbentClinton
77Vanessa GilmoreS.D. Tex.June 9, 1994IncumbentClinton
78Denise Page HoodE.D. Mich.June 16, 1994IncumbentClinton
79Emmet G. SullivanD.D.C.June 16, 1994April 3, 2021IncumbentClinton
80Blanche M. ManningN.D. Ill.August 10, 1994February 1, 2010September 20, 2020deathClinton
81Alexander Williams Jr.D. Md.August 18, 1994May 8, 2013January 3, 2014retirementClinton
82Napoleon A. Jones Jr.S.D. Cal.September 15, 1994September 19, 2007December 12, 2009deathClinton
83Barrington D. Parker Jr.S.D.N.Y.September 15, 1994October 18, 2001elevation to Second CircuitClinton
84David H. CoarN.D. Ill.October 7, 1994August 12, 2009December 31, 2010retirementClinton
85James A. Beaty Jr.M.D.N.C.October 11, 1994June 30, 2014January 31, 2018retirementClinton
86Okla Jones IIE.D. La.October 11, 1994January 8, 1996deathClinton
87Alvin W. ThompsonD. Conn.October 11, 1994August 31, 2018IncumbentClinton
88William H. WallsD.N.J.October 11, 1994January 31, 2005July 11, 2019deathClinton
89Vicki Miles-LaGrangeW.D. Okla.November 28, 1994November 5, 2018IncumbentClinton
90Curtis Lynn CollierE.D. Tenn.May 10, 1995October 31, 2014IncumbentClinton
91Wiley Young DanielD. Colo.June 30, 1995January 1, 2013May 10, 2019deathClinton
92Andre M. DavisD. Md.August 14, 1995November 12, 2009elevation to Fourth CircuitClinton
93Bernice B. DonaldW.D. Tenn.December 26, 1995September 8, 2011elevation to Sixth CircuitClinton
94Joseph A. Greenaway Jr.D.N.J.July 26, 1996February 24, 2010elevation to Third CircuitClinton
95Charles N. Clevert Jr.E.D. Wis.July 29, 1996October 31, 2012May 31, 2017retirementClinton
96Henry H. Kennedy Jr.D.D.C.September 18, 1997November 18, 2011IncumbentClinton
97Algenon L. MarbleyS.D. OhioNovember 7, 1997IncumbentClinton
98Martin JenkinsN.D. Cal.November 12, 1997April 3, 2008resignationClinton
99Sam A. LindsayN.D. Tex.March 17, 1998IncumbentClinton
100Johnnie B. RawlinsonD. Nev.April 7, 1998July 26, 2000elevation to Ninth CircuitClinton
101Ivan L. R. LemelleE.D. La.April 7, 1998June 29, 2015IncumbentClinton
102Gregory M. SleetD. Del.April 30, 1998May 1, 2017September 28, 2018retirementClinton
103Stephan P. MickleN.D. Fla.May 22, 1998June 22, 2011January 26, 2021deathClinton
104Richard W. RobertsD.D.C.June 23, 1998March 16, 2016IncumbentClinton
105Victoria A. RobertsE.D. Mich.June 29, 1998February 24, 2021IncumbentClinton
106Raner CollinsD. Ariz.August 3, 1998March 4, 2019IncumbentClinton
107Ralph E. TysonM.D. La.August 3, 1998July 18, 2011deathClinton
108Gerald Bruce LeeE.D. Va.October 1, 1998September 30, 2017resignationClinton
109Margaret B. SeymourD.S.C.October 22, 1998January 16, 2013IncumbentClinton
110William J. HibblerN.D. Ill.April 22, 1999March 19, 2012deathClinton
111William Joseph Haynes Jr.M.D. Tenn.November 15, 1999December 1, 2014January 16, 2017retirementClinton
112George B. DanielsS.D.N.Y.March 9, 2000IncumbentClinton
113Phyllis J. HamiltonN.D. Cal.May 25, 2000February 1, 2021IncumbentClinton
114Petrese B. TuckerE.D. Pa.June 1, 2000IncumbentClinton
115Laura Taylor SwainS.D.N.Y.July 11, 2000IncumbentClinton
116Reggie WaltonD.D.C.September 24, 2001December 31, 2015IncumbentG.W. Bush
117Julie A. RobinsonD. Kan.December 13, 2001IncumbentG.W. Bush
118Legrome D. DavisE.D. Pa.April 23, 2002September 28, 2017IncumbentG.W. Bush
119Percy AndersonC.D. Cal.May 1, 2002IncumbentG.W. Bush
120Henry Edward AutreyE.D. Mo.August 2, 2002IncumbentG.W. Bush
121Morrison C. England Jr.E.D. Cal.August 2, 2002December 17, 2019IncumbentG.W. Bush
122William D. Quarles Jr.D. Md.March 14, 2003February 1, 2016resignationG.W. Bush
123Stephen C. RobinsonS.D.N.Y.September 22, 2003August 11, 2010resignationG.W. Bush
124John A. HoustonS.D. Cal.October 7, 2003February 6, 2018IncumbentG.W. Bush
125Marcia G. CookeS.D. Fla.May 18, 2004IncumbentG.W. Bush
126Sandra L. TownesE.D.N.Y.August 2, 2004May 1, 2015February 8, 2018deathG.W. Bush
127Susan D. WigentonD.N.J.June 12, 2006IncumbentG.W. Bush
128Vanessa Lynne BryantD. Conn.April 2, 2007February 1, 2021IncumbentG.W. Bush
129Otis D. Wright IIC.D. Cal.April 16, 2007IncumbentG.W. Bush
130Richard A. JonesW.D. Wash.October 29, 2007IncumbentG.W. Bush
131Brian Stacy MillerE.D. Ark.April 17, 2008IncumbentG.W. Bush
132Mary Stenson ScrivenM.D. Fla.September 30, 2008IncumbentG.W. Bush
133C. Darnell Jones IIE.D. Pa.October 30, 2008March 15, 2021IncumbentG.W. Bush
134Irene C. BergerS.D. W. Va.November 9, 2009IncumbentObama
135Charlene HoneywellM.D. Fla.November 12, 2009IncumbentObama
136Abdul KallonN.D. Ala.January 4, 2010IncumbentObama
137Tanya Walton PrattS.D. Ind.June 15, 2010IncumbentObama
138Brian Anthony JacksonM.D. La.June 15, 2010IncumbentObama
139Sharon Johnson ColemanN.D. Ill.July 13, 2010IncumbentObama
140J. Michelle ChildsD.S.C.August 20, 2010IncumbentObama
141Denise J. CasperD. Mass.December 20, 2010IncumbentObama
142Carlton W. ReevesS.D. Miss.December 20, 2010IncumbentObama
143Benita Y. PearsonN.D. OhioDecember 27, 2010IncumbentObama
144Robert L. WilkinsD.D.C.December 27, 2010January 24, 2014elevation to D.C. CircuitObama
145Steve C. JonesN.D. Ga.March 3, 2011IncumbentObama
146Arenda L. Wright AllenE.D. Va.May 12, 2011IncumbentObama
147Nannette Jolivette BrownE.D. La.October 4, 2011IncumbentObama
148William Francis KuntzE.D.N.Y.October 4, 2011IncumbentObama
149Andrew L. Carter Jr.S.D.N.Y.October 8, 2011IncumbentObama
150Margo Kitsy BrodieE.D.N.Y.February 29, 2012IncumbentObama
151Brian C. WimesE.D. Mo.April 30, 2012IncumbentObama
W.D. Mo.
152George Levi Russell IIID. Md.May 22, 2012IncumbentObama
153Michael A. ShippD.N.J.July 26, 2012IncumbentObama
154John Thomas Fowlkes Jr.W.D. Tenn.August 1, 2012IncumbentObama
155Gershwin A. DrainE.D. Mich.August 8, 2012IncumbentObama
156Ketanji Brown JacksonD.D.C.March 26, 2013June 17, 2021elevation to D.C. CircuitObama
157Raymond P. MooreD. Colo.March 26, 2013IncumbentObama
158Troy L. NunleyE.D. Cal.March 26, 2013IncumbentObama
159Analisa TorresS.D.N.Y.April 23, 2013IncumbentObama
160Vernon S. BroderickS.D.N.Y.September 10, 2013IncumbentObama
161Sara L. EllisN.D. Ill.October 8, 2013IncumbentObama
162Andrea R. WoodN.D. Ill.October 15, 2013IncumbentObama
163Debra M. BrownN.D. Miss.November 5, 2013IncumbentObama
164Gregory Howard WoodsS.D.N.Y.November 18, 2013IncumbentObama
165Brian J. DavisM.D. Fla.December 26, 2013IncumbentObama
166Linda Vivienne ParkerE.D. Mich.March 17, 2014IncumbentObama
167Christopher R. CooperD.D.C.March 28, 2014IncumbentObama
168George J. HazelD. Md.May 2, 2014IncumbentObama
169Steven LoganD. Ariz.May 16, 2014IncumbentObama
170Tanya S. ChutkanD.D.C.June 5, 2014IncumbentObama
171Richard Franklin Boulware IID. Nev.June 10, 2014IncumbentObama
172Staci Michelle YandleS.D. Ill.June 19, 2014IncumbentObama
173Darrin P. GaylesS.D. Fla.June 19, 2014IncumbentObama
174Ronnie L. WhiteE.D. Mo.July 17, 2014IncumbentObama
175André Birotte Jr.C.D. Cal.August 8, 2014IncumbentObama
176Leslie Abrams GardnerM.D. Ga.November 20, 2014IncumbentObama
177Eleanor Louise RossN.D. Ga.November 20, 2014IncumbentObama
178Wendy BeetlestoneE.D. Pa.November 21, 2014IncumbentObama
179Victor Allen BoldenD. Conn.November 21, 2014IncumbentObama
180Haywood GilliamN.D. Cal.December 19, 2014IncumbentObama
181Loretta Copeland BiggsM.D.N.C.December 19, 2014IncumbentObama
182Alfred H. BennettS.D. Tex.April 15, 2015IncumbentObama
183George C. Hanks Jr.S.D. Tex.April 22, 2015IncumbentObama
184LaShann M. DeArcy HallE.D.N.Y.November 17, 2015IncumbentObama
185Wilhelmina WrightD. Minn.February 18, 2016IncumbentObama
186Waverly D. Crenshaw Jr.M.D. Tenn.April 12, 2016IncumbentObama
187Terry F. MoorerS.D. Ala.September 4, 2018IncumbentTrump
188Rossie D. Alston Jr.E.D. Va.June 12, 2019IncumbentTrump
189Rodney SmithS.D. Fla.June 14, 2019IncumbentTrump
190Jason K. PulliamW.D. Tex.August 5, 2019IncumbentTrump
191John Milton YoungeE.D. Pa.August 20, 2019IncumbentTrump
192Ada E. BrownN.D. Tex.September 13, 2019IncumbentTrump
193Richard E. Myers IIE.D.N.C.December 10, 2019IncumbentTrump
194Stephanie D. DavisE.D. Mich.December 31, 2019IncumbentTrump
195Bernard M. JonesW.D. Okla.December 31, 2019IncumbentTrump
196Roderick C. YoungE.D. Va.September 29, 2020IncumbentTrump
197Joseph Dawson IIID.S.C.December 22, 2020IncumbentTrump
198Julien Xavier NealsD.N.J.June 22, 2021IncumbentBiden
Other federal courts[edit]
#JudgeCourtBegan active
Ended active
Ended senior
Reason for
Appointed by
1James Lopez WatsonCustomsMarch 7, 1966November 1, 1980reassigned to International TradeJohnson
International TradeNovember 1, 1980February 28, 1991September 1, 2001death
2Robert Morton DuncanMilitary AppealsNovember 29, 1971July 11, 1974elevation to S.D. OhioNixon
3Matthew J. PerryMilitary AppealsFebruary 18, 1976September 22, 1979elevation to D.S.C.Ford
4Maurice B. FoleyTaxApril 9, 1995IncumbentClinton
5Lynn J. BushFederal ClaimsOctober 22, 1998October 22, 2013IncumbentClinton
6Robert N. DavisVeterans ClaimsDecember 4, 2004December 3, 2019IncumbentG.W. Bush
7Patricia E. Campbell-SmithFederal ClaimsSeptember 19, 2013IncumbentObama
8Tamara W. AshfordTaxDecember 19, 2014IncumbentObama
9Lydia Kay GriggsbyFederal ClaimsJanuary 5, 2015IncumbentObama
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