Harwell Hamilton Harris
Fellowship Parkway Conservancy

Elysian Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

About Us

We are conceptual artists, guerilla semtioticians, weilders of play, and action, inspired by wholeness systems, we witness and recognize the ongoing systematic destruction of architectural heritage and wildlife habitat, so widespread and all around us. There is a heavy state, hypernormalization in full effect, This conservancy in operation in accordance with the philosophies of Harwell Hamilton Harris congruent to that of Frank Lloyd Wright, with  research, design, and law we preserve the connections to Reality; that is community; that is nature.

We are two conceptual artists banned from San Francisco Art Institute, with a manifesto,
Play, Play, Play
carrying on the torch, we continue the discourse,
for where we are now, uncharted territory

in the age of disappearance,
the will to the virtual,
the book is the real real
woman is as printer,
child the genius,
the novelty gene,
the new new,
look into the eyes of the animal, 
northern tribe and southern tribe split,
anthropometry hypertextual,
skin of the earth,
myciellial mat will bring the water,

love for the music,
love for the people,
love for the music,
going to bring love for the people

love love

415 685 3289


To found, build, maintain, preserve, operate experimental studios, botanical gardens, libraries of art, theaters, architecture
conducive to artistic development of the region and conservation of wildlife habitat of Elysian Park for public to enjoy. 

Elysian Experimental Ecological Japanese Garden Conservation Easement
Adverse Possession, an Environmental Critique in the City