1410 West Ewing Street Los Angeles California 90026


Our conservancy has added the additional services of investigaating mortgage fraud in the Los Angeles area. This became a neccesary endeavor to fulfill our mission that includes the preservation of historical architecture and protecting the remaining open spaces to integrate wildlife habitats with the urban environmet here in Los Angeles by estalishing bird sanctuaries, conservation easements, dedications, planting trees. It became apparent that in order to protect these places, and understanding of the real estate market and thoroughly understand the coordination between the real estate market, City Departments, and Ordinances such as Rent Stabilization Ordinance.
It started by investigating our own chain of title at 1968 Avon St. Los Angeles, CA 90026. and what led to rampant discovery of collusion, coercion, and malicious, oppressive, fraud brought on by Clear members of the Church of Scientology.

They take multifamily homes by force with gangs of underpaid  undocumented construction crews. Begin destroying fens and natural hillside habitats with their tractors, remove every tree on the lot. Encumber the home with defecits, while other shakedown your house. They swap the house back and forth between other members and their personal families using varaiations of names, etc. For the purposes of false appraisal to pump up the value to 1.2 M.

We are sellf-represented and currently in litigation between the Clear members of the Church of Scientology and all their hooligans, lawyers inclusive trying dirty tricks. It’s an abuse of process with frivilous lawsuits.

For some reason, unlawful detainers stay private and sealed. Unfortunately, we are unable to unseal the record. Until now, we are converting our case to cival unlimited for your pleasure. The current score is love, 15. That means they are 0 and we have 1  in the game of hopfully not more than 7 sets. They have tied us up a bit with 4 lawyers. 2 on the first case 1 on 2 copy cat cases and 1 random san dimas lawyer attacking our quiet title. At any one moment we may loose everything becuase they will it so hard.  If you take home one. peice of information from this storey. If this ever happens to you Always leave some one at home 24 7 365 days a year no matter what. And always have a drum kit and a pa system and 2 semiautomatic walter ppk/s bb pistols in at least two rooms, keep those hidden and never take them out except to shoot target in our basment once a week for 30 mins with a bb catch and do make a youtube video about your target range as long as its upto code. And if the one of you whom is doing the shopping ends up at harbor freight , defintly buy the marine binoculars and the bird watching neighbor fueding monocular it will run you under a $100 dollars and you will have a lot more fun watching birds and this will make your neighbor craz. but thats not your problem as you live in a bird santuary so ingnore them hating you for loving  nature and fly your kite.  finnaly buy the 8 sheets of 48 inch by 36 inch rainbow fractalzing window tint and some iradecents rainbow mirrored tint and 1 pound of humming bird food from nekter plus and their uv protected mini feeders, buy 2 of them. Now you will make friends with the local humming birds and they will not go any where elce after they have the german zoo grade food. do not change their diet up on them unless its petco live fruit flied that you let run wild in your kitchen. Dont worry the Humming Birds you make friends with will clean up house and it will be a brand new world for you. One in which 60 mile and hour birds are your home alarm system. its kinda of like having a mini starwars x wing dog fight going on at all times on the parimitar of oyur house. They might just move them self in closer to the food prep station where you clean thier feeders. so provide a few perches above your least favirte standing area in your kitchen.  But yes are currently in 4 cases at the same time and we cant seem to not default 2 of them every day but we do everything to demurr stike quash answer but the clerks are really either paid off or paid to set court dates to make capital for the city. its unclear but i know e caurchre really loves to make our life absolutly hellish as none of this shoul dbe allowed . you see we won the first 2 year long law suit. i have included a copy of the rulings so you can see it for your self. we the legal possessors of our land now an das such deposing us should be not possible but one very conrtoversial judge is george f bird. i love him and i totally am mortified they let him sit up there but that not for me to say. the guy was able to destill from their lies only a basic 8 year old rendition of what happened.  Provided we were not allowed council , evidence , we were deniged a court trail binder and forced to testify against our selves and gender specific language was abused through and throughout but who cares if every judge yells at me. “Mr Seidengalnz, Mr Seidenglanz.” We determined if i hadent been so disruptive to the testimoney knowone would have any conitative body language in to soak up the meaning and inferance in the tiral. as was all on the phone. the Video conference was hacked over and over because the courts in los angeles county though covid 19 was the perfect time to implement a sandbox for hackers or anybody to test the vcourt software. and armed with nothing more than non trained in it Law Clerks they left their virtual court room software with out a firewall on open to any and all attacks. A 14 year old was on the news for PAWNing a judge and he was not allowed to bail out beacuse he stole his money from bill gates other in the amounts of like 50 million by hijacking their instagm , so yea 4 sets of law suits at the same time u of the fact that we won!  we of course tried to relate all the cased includeing about 7 others that were not correctly relatable but ill explain that in anothe chapter. .But this is groundbreaking.
Defendants in a forcible detainer prevailed against new owners who acquired title by false pretenses in cahoots with the lenders and dual agency with the brokers.

We won the first case.  Order for Entry of Judgement is for the Defendants, the Adverse Possessors, and against the plaintiffs, Money laundering real property theives.

Seahorse Liberation Army Antifraud Committee v SeaOrg Allstars of the Church of Scientology and the Cheney Shapiro 401k Subdividors Sarcasm Gang