Letter to Inspector Supervisors at LADBS.

    My name is Elishba Seidenglanz and my husband is Erik Seidenglanz, and we live at 1410 Ewing St. On the same parcel at the base of the hill is the subject building ("1968 Avon") where illegal construction had begun almost a full year ago. I did not hire any contractors. These guys were working on the other house ("1958 Avon") two doors over is also undergoing construction by the same crew. The issues I present to you today are true and of my personal knowledge:
   1. CSLB suspended the license of the contractor Resourceful Construction, Inc. and issued a Stop Order 1. (CSLB License Check) Yet Richard and his crew of 20 men continue the ongoing unlicensed construction work on my property.

    2. All permits issued for 1968 Avon were deliberately acquired by deceiving LADBS by using a defunct/old/outdated APN 5415-009-017 at the West LA office, by the prime contractor, Richard Judson Williams. 2. (Open Data LA City API: LA BUILDING PERMITS)


These guys are Repeat Offenders.

Resourceful Construction, Inc. (#1003215), dba of contractor Richard Judson Williams ("Richard"); license suspended. Stop order issued. 3. (CSLB Citation #2 2014 3174)

Resourceful Development, Inc. (#) previous contractor license suspended for “Failing to pay civil penalty” re: settlement from suit of selling house without disclosure of defects; responsible for patching up structural defects w/o actually repairing  

Richard Judson Williams, Prime Contractor / Applicant / "Owner Builder" / RMO of Resourceful Construction, Inc.
Cheney Adrienne Shapiro ("Cheney"), Wife of Richard, Managing Member of Resourceful Construction, Inc. 4. (Cheney Shapiro v. Patrick Murray, et al), Treasurer of Resourceful Development, Inc. 5. (Northern Collections vs. Resourceful Development, Inc),
Joshua Timothy Marcuson ("Joshua") is an employee of Richard and Resourceful Construction, Inc and applies for permits as Agent or Applicant for            
Resourceful Development, Resourceful Construction, and Richard (all three entities herein together as "Resourceful"). He is the sole owner of the company Longplatt Co. 6. (Articles of Incorporation)   
Longplatt Co. ("Longplatt Co.") is the company acquired the title to the property by fraudulent means on May 28, 2020; sole owner is Joshua Marcuson. 7. (Grant Deed)
Kenneth Howard Shapiro (”Ken”), is the father of Cheney Shapiro, and Broker/Owner of Silverwood Properties, Inc. who sold the property to his daughter Cheney Shapiro on March 6, 2020.

This team works in cahoots, collude to defraud the city, state, and federal governments of its taxes, property, and community. I will outline the fraud that only pertains to LADBS to maintain focus on the issues at hand

Permits Issued on a Deleted APN

Richard Judson Williams is the Contractor who had applied for permits at the Central Office 2-3x and denied due to the Ellis Act restrictions. Instead to circumnavigate this, he applied under a prior APN 5145-009-017., that is deemed "Deleted" by the Tax Assessor. 9. (Assessor's APN Changes). All permits were applied under this APN. 10. Permit (PCIS# 20016-30000-11538 ). And still he constructs completely out of scope of these permits.

Richard Judson Williams is not an Owner/Builder.

The Contractor(s) applied for permits as Owner/Builder. Richard is not an owner. Longplatt Co. aka Joshua Marcuson, aka Richard's employee (also unlicensed) is also not an actual owner-occupant homeowner. His company was organized for the purposes of investment real estate. (6. Articles of Incorporation). According to the Owner/Builder contract, he and his team do not intend to live here in the least. Their prerogative is to flip the house as fast as humanly possible by patching up what were serious structural and environmental defects to quickly swap for a like-kind tax deferred exchange with the house 2 doors down, 1958 Avon.
Now, I don't mind that they signed this acknowledging their liability; however I want to point out:

“No. 8. I understand as an Owner-Builder if I sell the property for which this permit is issued, I may be held liable for any financial or personal injuries sustained by any subsequent owner(s) that result from any latent construction defects in the workmanship or materials.”
“No. 13. I understand that to obtain an Owner-Builder permit for electrical, plumbing or mechanical work that require a qualified installer, I must abide by all of the following restrictions:
(1) Perform the work prior to sale of the dwelling
(2) Be a homeowner that has resided in the residence for at least 12 months prior to the completion of the work described in the permit
(3) Obtain Owner-Builder permit for not more than two structures during any three year period.”

Non-Arms Length Transfers Between Employees & No Workers Comp Insurance

Currently, we are in a court case disputing ownership. On August 27, 2020 , in a statement made by Cheney Shapiro titled Declaration by Cheney Shapiro submitted to the court states "Richard Williams (a partner of the owner and the general contractor) along with his employee Josh Marcuson...)" 8. (Cheney Shapiro v. Patrick Murray, et al). This declaration states that Joshua Marcuson, who currently holds the title, is the employee of the contractor. On May 28, 2020, Cheney Shapiro transferred the property to her employee as a gift thereby exempt from paying transfer property taxes. This was a non-arm's length transaction. Furthermore, she also admits to her employment status with Resourceful Construction, Inc. with her partner/husband Richard Judson Williams.
These facts are significant because they all claim to be exempt from maintaining Worker's Compensation Insurance when in fact they have a pool of loyal +/- 20 workers who they contract repeatedly for every job.


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response was to contact PEB at LADBS regarding permits that should not have been issued. pay $300.