1410 West Ewing Street Los Angeles California 90026


April 20 2021
Regarding Property Constructions occurring at
1968 Avon St. Los Angeles, CA 90026
APN #5415-009-041
(old apn: 5415-009-017
1958 Avon St. Los Angeles, CA 90026
Resourceful Construction Inc; Lic. No.: 1003215-B suspended

designates “Lot fronts on a substandard hillside limited street” because R/W width is 28’ / Roadway width is 19’, therefore 4’ Dedication is required.” [LAMC 12.21A17(e)(1)) or LAMC 12.21C10(i)(1)]
---This is NOT being enforced.
  “Continuous Paved Roadway (”CPR”) is NOT at least 28 feet wide from the driveway apron of the lot to the boundary of the Hillside Area.  Roadway width is less than 20 feet adjacent to the lot; therefore a Zoning Administrator Determination (”ZAD”) is required”. [LAMC 12.21A17(e)(2) or LAMC 12.21.C10(i)(2)]
      CPR is NOT 20 ft wide from driveway apron of the lot to the boundary of Hillside Area. [(LAMC 12.21A17(e)(3) or LAMC 12.21.C10(i)(3))] therefore a (ZAD) is required. Lot is also located within 200 ft from an available sewer mainline.

  They are operating tractors over my land and ripping up my entire driveway porch by removing dirt and concrete, excavating on my front lot. They are breaking my staircase. They cut down my blueberry tree! Just so the main contractor, Richard Judson Williams can park his truck there. I did not approve any of these work orders. These contractors are trespassing and encroaching and destroying my historic house. I did not authorize any of these permits. I have been physically attacked by these contractors throwing rocks at me when I demanded they stop driving their tractor on my lot.

      These permits cannot have been issued without a Tenant Habitability Plan, which they do not - how could they? They’re purchase was fraudulent. They never even got a Property Inspection Report. They are operating tractors, drilling, and excavating deep trenches for a “so-called pool” two doors down at 1958 Avon St. They have ripped open the facade and erecting rebar pillars into the ground. They are obstructing the street and parking with no approved haul route. They have no CEQA environment mitigation plan, no Soil and Grading Inspection nor clearance. My foundation on the upper building 1410 Ewing has several new cracks in the foundation -  I physically felt the ground drop a few inches (that I ran so fast out the door thinking it was an earthquake) . The lower building has Cracked walls — For God’s sake, the house cannot be demolished due to a retaining wall failure — the lower house is the retaining wall holding up the hillside where the upper house presides. There are previous permits that have been denied due to this. There are over 300 pages of REAP documents lost due to an APN change and owner changes. There is already substantial damage to the hillside habitat.

    This area is an Open Space District, Hillside Ordinance, Baseline Ordinance and these properties are of Historic Preservation candidates and currently under research for Historic Preservation. My house is 110 years old.  Borders Elysian Park Arboretuem with multiple endangered trees and endangered wildlife that frequents this area and property. Including the Great Horn Owl, Bobcat, Monterey Pine, Black Walnut trees to name a few.

    They are destroying the sidewalk as I write this without any engineering report nor compliant to any ADA standard. Neighborhood Council members are completely against it and live streaming it now.
Not only is this intense machinery, pile driving, digging polluting the air quality, it is unnervingly loud and abrasive. All of this is extremely stressful and causing anxiety and duress.

    These Contractors are Resourceful Construction, Inc, aka Cheney Shapiro, and Kenneth Shapiro broker with no license operating under Silverwood Properties Inc. who have recorded a false deed and performing real estate fraud with private hard money lenders and tax evasion. This is real estate investment fraud is their Modus operandi for they are Elite members of the Scientology organization since 1998. This may all sound extraordinary however they are currently under investigation by the FBI
    A lawsuit is underway. I demand all work to be stopped immediately until this dispute has been checked and cleared. This is absolutely insanity. the property is actively in REAP, and is an Ellis Act

1968 Avon St. Los Angeles, CA 90026
APN #5415-009-041 (old apn: 5415-009-017)
REAP Program Case #89597
1958 Avon St. Los Angeles, CA 90026
Resourceful Construction Inc; Lic. No.: 1003215-B Suspended 4 x in one year

20042-30000-09412 Mechanical
20016-30000-11538 Bldg
20041-30000-16770 Electrical
20041-30000-16651 Electrical

All permits are fraud because of use of expireded APN to hide the truth of the properties restrictions of tenant habitability and ellis act and reap and substandard .  This home could have never been sold for property investment and was done on a bifurcated abandon mortgage that had no right under a illegal quit claim after a sale that was with out a proper Substitution of Trustee. Then never purchases just stolen by quit claim then Lending Home splits it in to 3 tho hide the contacts and become impossible to notify and then sells to cheney shapiro though her father and her company silverwood properties, and only after coldwell bankers are terrified of a 2 million dollar suit due to the negligence and trespassing they erred in making that causes my wife to get extremely hurt. And futher more we lived here with no mortgage free and clear for many years now. and by law we have gained out rights by prescription and anyone else is barred by lashes from taking our home from us because the time is sufficient the ownership is open continuous exclusive adverse to others and notorious and for good community building righteousness. as the only COnservation Easement In Elysian Park we honor the park and hope you will do what is right as we have been in working as the Harwell  Hamilton Harris Fellowship Parkway, and Experimental Elysian Japanese Gardens.