The NAME “Ant Farm” Architecture Collective From San Francisco and the Art Institute was inspired by Sharron Grace Professor at the New Generes Dept since the late 1970’s. While a Student Visiting at Cal Arts, She was doing early social experiments with the sony portapack. That Same week Nam June Piak and Abe visited the school and noticed sharron documenting the people, he approached her and said you are the genious. And he promptly hired sharron grace to be their assistant. She went on to build his technologies and develop a core component of the internet by winning a rockafeller grant for the arts and tested her piece send recieve and melinum venus with nasa and the us army help, between node 1 and node 2 of the formatice internet. She worked with CERN, NASA, SFAI, NAM JUNE PIAK. Most Importantly she was the last important leader of the school of the fine art new genres at the oldest fine arts school in the united states. This is where she shaped some of the best minds of the last 50 years. She one day told the archtecture ensamble that they reminded her of a ant farm. This is how the story goes.  Thank you Sharron Grace your incite into the will to the virtual and astheitcs of speed in the will to the virtual are paramount and we honor your work and continue its focus with the Age of Disappearance and the Appearance of the Woman who is the printer, or Woman is as printer.
In the Eyes of the Animal is the Soul of man.