Echo Park Community Inc. Since 1979

"These Cards Indicate the We have lived at our house at all times even before the Cheney Shapiro or Longplatt Co ever Frauded our home and non profit conservation. Have had a long and never ending harrasment by the LAPD for 3 years of the 5 years we have had video proof of their non stop survalience tactics of harrasment and indimidation. We have been willfully intimidated by officer Javier Garcia and his Partners oficer peters and wilde and Garcia’s squad partner Sanches. Violate out civial rights and detain us and arrest us on our own land at home. They tresspass and violate a implied license revaction and then we were help capitive for 1 hour or more on the street infront of our neighbors walking by and in handcufs we were held wrongfully this false inprisonment should be held accountable as wel were the ones whom called the police for we thought we had a intruder and they caught the drunk person throwing bottles at out house from the abandon lot that was formerly lowell grants house and the echo park gangs hang out from the 1980’s and 1990’ Here is a list of the does we know so far.